Terms of Use for the Photo Library

Images from the Photo Library may be used for the purpose of promoting tourism in Chiba Prefecture (articles, brochures, travel advertisements, etc.). Any use that fails to promote tourism in Chiba in a positive light is prohibited.

Credit notation is not required, but if possible, we kindly request you credit one or both of the following:
・Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association

The copyrights for each image in the Photo Library belong to one or more of the following: the Chiba Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association, the photographer, related facilities, related organizations, related municipalities. These copyrights are protected by Japanese copyright law.

Repurposing these photos as a commercial product or any other item of value (e.g., selling or distributing image data, producing photo books or postcards, submitting images to photo contests, etc.) is prohibited.

Registration of these images as a trademark is prohibited.

Any use of these images that threatens public order and/or the public good is prohibited.


The Chiba Prefectural Tourism and Local Products Association will not be held responsible for any damages that may arise from downloading and/or the use of these images.

If these terms of use are not adhered to, permission to use the images may be suspended.

Information collected when downloading images will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy: https://www.visitchiba.jp/site-policy/